The Scoop

CHIPMONGERS FEST Presents A Tasty New Line-up

We’re delighted to introduce CHIPMONGERS FEST, our new limited-edition music themed menu that’s sure to be a big hit!

Our new line-up hits all the right notes with tempting treats for CHIPMONGERS fans. We have the soul inspired ‘Sweet & Smokey Robinson’ chicken burger, with delicious southern fried chicken, smoked bacon and sweet maple syrup. Our blues inspired ‘BB Kinger’ burger features our 4oz fresh beef burgers with caramelised onions, smoked bacon and blue cheese toppings. The ‘Limp Brisket’ is our rock n’roll inspired Topped chips with our slow cooked pulled beef brisket. Finally, our pop inspired dessert ‘Ed Churros’, fried dough pastry covered with everyone’s favourite chocolate sauce & sugar.

Check out our new CHIPMONGERS FEST menu now.

These delicious new options are available in all our outlets for 6 weeks, from Wednesday 12th September to Wednesday 24th October.